Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup: Larry ten Voorde wins championship after win in Monza

Team GP Elite’s Larry ten Voorde cruised to the chequered flag as he secured the race win and the 2021 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup championship title.

It was an intense battle between the two in front, ten Voorde and Nebulus Racing’s Laurin Heinrich, after a clean getaway from the grid when the lights went out. Despite the close contact in the opening corners, Ten Voorde led after the first lap with Heinrich and Martinet’s Dorian Boccolacci in behind, respecitvely.

GP Elite’s Daan van Kuijk ended up spinning around at Monza’s second chicane, Variante della Roggia, on the second lap and ended up falling down to the back of the pack.

On the fifth lap, Heinrich left the door wide open for Boccolacci at the Roggia chicane, who sent a dive down the inside line and managed to steal P2 from Nebulus’ German driver.

After making contact at the second chicane, BWT’s Dylan Pereira made contact with Tio Ellinas and the BWT Porsche had to take the escape road. As a result, the Luxembourg driver lost sixth place as he filtered back in behind Ellinas.

Boccolacci locked up his front left tyre as he entered the Roggia chicane, on the 10th lap, and this allowed Heinrich to pounce on the Frenchman into the Lesmo corners and fell back to third. However, a lap later, the Martinet Frenchman locked up again at the same corner and had to take the escape road. As a result, the Martinet driver lost two positions as BWT’s Ayhancan Güven and CLRT’s Florian Latorre overtook the vulnerable French driver.

While ten Voorde checked out with a one-second cushion in the lead, on the penultimate lap, Latorre nearly gained the final podium position as he went side-by-side with Guven, when the battling duo headed towards the Ascari chicane. But, two cannot go into one and Latorre backed out of the battle to fight again on the final lap.

Despite his best attempt, Latorre failed to steal P3 away from Guven while ten Voorde secured the championship title with the race win and Heinrich finished second.

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