Formula One Belgian Grand Prix: Max Verstappen wins as George Russell secures first podium

Max Verstappen, Red Bull went on to take the easiest win of his career as the Belgian Grand Prix was called off after nearly four hours as Williams’ George Russell secured his first ever podium.

Sergio Perez, Red Bull, failed to start the race as he ended up in the barrier at Les Combes (turn six) as he lost control if his RB16B in the soaking conditions.

Due to the treacherous conditions, the formation lap was taken behind the safety car. As a result, the entire grid started on the obliged full wet tyres.

The start of the Belgian grand prix faced a delayed start as the rain continued to pour down onto the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, delaying the formation lap until 15:25 local time (14:25 BST) – 25 minutes after its scheduled start (3pm local time).

After two formation laps behind the safety car, the start procedure was suspended as a result of the soaking track and a red flag was shown.

After a long, grueling three hour wait the race was finally given the go ahead at 18:17 local time, three hours and 17 minutes after the scheduled start. However, rather than the drivers going out to complete the remaining 39 laps, the teams will have a time frame of one hour to complete the Belgian Grand Prix – under ‘force majeure.’

With the long wait until the race finally got back underway, Red Bull were able to repair Perez’s damaged car when it was delievered under red flag conditions.

Understandably, the pack was led out by Bernd Maylander in the safety car as the grid remained unchanged.

For a second time, due to poor weather conditions, the race was red flagged and the drivers had to venture back into the pit lane. As it stood, Verstappen was on course to win the Belgian grand prix, by default with Williams’ George Russell on his way to his maiden podium.

After a three hour and 45 minute wait, the race was finally called off due to the horrific weather conditions. As a result, Verstappen claimed the win in Belgium while Russell secured his first F1 podium (in second) and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton obtained the final spot in third.

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